Corn Usage Based Insurance

Usage Based Insurance

Most of us have the commercials where a mom goes to great lengths to keep her auto insurance discount.  From having co-workers respond to messages for her in the car, refusing to speed even though her kid has to use the restroom, and even goes as far as telling her husband to slow down and […]

Fire Safety isn’t just for Thanksgiving

Central Station Alarm

How alarming… all about central station alarms and why your home shouldn’t be caught without one

To honor National Fire Prevention Week which was created in commemoration of the Great Chicago Fire in 1871, we want to discuss the importance of having a central station monitored alarm installed in your home.  Our philosophy here at Townley Kenton Insurance is to do all we can to help you avoid having to file […]

Atlanta Home Insurance Increase

Atlanta Home Insurance Increase

The Rising Cost of Atlanta Home Insurance Georgia has been on the wrong end of heavy rate increases for almost a decade now.  Although much of the focus has been around the increases to auto insurance, it is now Atlanta’s home insurance that is seeing some of the steeper rate hikes.  Why is this?  We […]

Cutting Out Only 10 Unnecessary Expenses = Investing in Essential Protection

Cutting Out Only 10 Unnecessary Expenses = Investing in Essential Protection

An important part of our job as your Atlanta independent insurance agent is to educate you on why insurance matters and why it is worth the money you are paying…no matter how frustrating it may be when you feel there is nothing you are receiving in return.  We have an entire article on this feeling here! […]

The differences between “market value” and “replacement cost” – and how they impact your home’s insured value

The differences between “market value” and “replacement cost” – and how they impact your home’s insured value

Spoiler alert: When you call us to review your Atlanta home insurance, the amount of coverage we will advise you to carry is most likely not going to equal the amount for which you bought your home. Why is that? To begin, we need to differentiate between two key terms: market value and replacement cost. Market Value Simply put, market […]

My wife’s trip to the store and the texting epidemic

We have discussed texting quite a bit within our office and in general over the past few years.  You can read about the dangerous and expensive effects of texting and driving on Atlanta insurance in our previous article here.  However, today I thought we would focus on the extreme safety issue that is evolving from […]

Why is my Atlanta home and auto insurance more than my neighbor?

There has been a heavy focus on Atlanta home insurance and auto insurance rates over the past couple of years. This is primarily because the good folks of Georgia have suffered through the worst rate increases in the entire country over that time. This has caused thousands of people to set sail on a journey […]

Top 5 Pitfalls When Buying Home Insurance in Atlanta

Do you think the only thing differentiating one Atlanta home insurance policy from another is the price?  Many insurance providers would like to make you think that’s the case, so they can win your business with the “lowest cost” home insurance policy. Unfortunately, all they are doing is encouraging you to expose the single largest […]

Why did my car insurance rate go up?

It is the number one question we get from our personal insurance clients when their policy renews. “My car is a year older and worth less but my insurance premium has increased. Why?”. Unfortunately, we have been asking this question for five consecutive years as car insurance rates in Atlanta and the entire country have […]