My wife’s trip to the store and the texting epidemic

We have discussed texting quite a bit within our office and in general over the past few years.  You can read about the dangerous and expensive effects of texting and driving on Atlanta insurance in our previous article here.  However, today I thought we would focus on the extreme safety issue that is evolving from […]

Why is my Atlanta home and auto insurance more than my neighbor?

There has been a heavy focus on Atlanta home insurance and auto insurance rates over the past couple of years. This is primarily because the good folks of Georgia have suffered through the worst rate increases in the entire country over that time. This has caused thousands of people to set sail on a journey […]

Top 5 Pitfalls When Buying Home Insurance in Atlanta

Do you think the only thing differentiating one Atlanta home insurance policy from another is the price?  Many insurance providers would like to make you think that’s the case, so they can win your business with the “lowest cost” home insurance policy. Unfortunately, all they are doing is encouraging you to expose the single largest […]

Why did my car insurance rate go up?

It is the number one question we get from our personal insurance clients when their policy renews. “My car is a year older and worth less but my insurance premium has increased. Why?”. Unfortunately, we have been asking this question for five consecutive years as car insurance rates in Atlanta and the entire country have […]

When the tree falls, who pays?

The relationship between you and your neighbor is one of the most sensitive unchosen relationships you will encounter in life.  It is likely neither of you conducted interviews prior to the purchase of your home so you are pretty much stuck with the person next door, for better or worse.  Hopefully this relationship is relatively […]

The Distracted Driving Epidemic

We are now living in a world where everyone is connected at all times…people can even check their email on a remote beach somewhere in the middle of the Pacific Ocean as long as there is wifi.  While there are advantages to this constant state of connectivity, there are also some drawbacks.  Some of these […]

Insurance: The invisible product…until it isn’t.

It is easy for someone to spend six dollars on a cup coffee.  Many people don’t bat an eye at the purchase of a forty thousand dollar car.  Others might feel exhilarated after buying a new million dollar home!  However, if you ask someone if they are happy spending even a fraction of that amount […]