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Creating Enthusiasm

When companies try to determine their “core values”, the process many times looks something like this. After long offsite sessions, spirited debates, consultants, and market research, companies emerge with core values such as, “honesty”. At Townley Kenton, honesty is simply a given. For us, Enthusiasm for helping others was quite literally at the “core” of […]

Advancing Education

Education has always been foundational to innovation, advancement, and general function in society.  In many ways, access to education has never been easier.  However, in a cruel twist of irony, the feeling that the people providing you with services in everyday life, from the banks to the hardware store, have never been less educated on […]

Building Trust

Trust, like the core value buzzwords of “honesty” and “integrity”, gets thrown around quite a bit in corporate boardrooms and advertising.  There is strong reasoning for this as ultimately, we are all looking for trust in our relationships.  When discussing this internally at Townley Kenton, we realized that trust is really the intersection of honesty […]

Usage Based Insurance

Most of us have seen the commercials where a mom goes to great lengths to keep her auto insurance discount.  From having co-workers respond to messages for her in the car, refusing to speed even though her kid has to use the restroom, and even goes as far as telling her husband to slow down […]

Atlanta Home Insurance Increase

The Rising Cost of Atlanta Home Insurance Georgia has been on the wrong end of heavy rate increases for almost a decade now.  Although much of the focus has been around the increases to auto insurance, it is now Atlanta’s home insurance that is seeing some of the steeper rate hikes.  Why is this?  We […]

The differences between “market value” and “replacement cost” – and how they impact your home’s insured value

Spoiler alert: When you call us to review your Atlanta home insurance, the amount of coverage we will advise you to carry is most likely not going to equal the amount for which you bought your home. Why is that? To begin, we need to differentiate between two key terms: market value and replacement cost. Market Value Simply put, market […]