We know that everyone is probably tired of hearing insurance companies talk about auto insurance.  In fact, after you saved 15%, doubled your discounts, chose your own price and then saved an average of $500 or more, we imagine you must have a free auto insurance policy by now!  If you do that is wonderful, however, our job is to make sure you understand what that auto policy actually covers and then help you decide which program best suits you and your family moving forward.  Like many other areas of insurance, the policy limits are just the beginning of what is actually going to be covered if you have the unfortunate experience of a car accident.  Let’s see if you are confident in your answers to the following questions,

  • If your car is totaled, do you know how much you will be paid for it?
  • Do you know what uninsured motorist coverage is?
  • Could your auto policy cover you even if you aren’t driving a car?
  • How do you pay for others in your car that may get injured in an accident?
  • How much could depreciation be costing you?
  • Do you drive for a company like Uber or Lyft?

The auto industry is changing rapidly with technology, self-driving cars and the sharing economy.  Unfortunately, despite some of these safety advances, the frequency and severity of auto accidents has been increasing due to a greater number of drivers and the increasingly dangerous distractions of technology such as texting and driving.  Insurance premiums have certainly reflected these increased risks as auto premiums around the country continue to skyrocket due to heavy losses.  In this environment, one of the best defenses you have is to become a safe driver with a clean insurance record.  In addition to finding the best overall program for your coverage needs, Townley Kenton will focus on providing you with the training and resources to become a better driver.  At the end of the day, nothing is more important than your safety.