We have made an interesting observation over the years…Home Insurance is often one of the last items addressed when purchasing a new home.  Many times, it is not even discussed until the mortgage broker mentions that a copy of your policy is needed to close the loan and move forward.  At that point, people scramble to get a policy in place and their primary focus is on two things, keeping the escrow payment low and getting enough coverage to satisfy the loan.  This is interesting to us because when making one of the largest investments you will have in your life, it would seem reasonable to make sure you are actually buying a policy that will protect that investment if something ever happens.  Below are just a few of the questions you should be asking when searching for the right home insurance policy,

  •  Will this policy really pay to rebuild my home if we suffer a total loss?
  •  Are there any major limitations on water damage or jewelry I should be aware of?
  •  Does this protect against anything that could happen or are there certain excluded events?
  •  Where will I live if we have to move out during a claim?
  •  What if I don’t want to rebuild on this location after a total loss?

Contrary to popular belief, the answers to these questions can vary wildly between insurance companies.  On top of that, this is just a partial list of potential issues that could crop up during the claims process.  At Townley Kenton, we have partnered with a select group of insurance companies that provide coverage beyond what is found in a typical insurance policy.  Even within our own group of companies there are contractual differences that could equate to thousands of dollars at the time of a loss….just imagine the difference between our policies and a standard home policy.  We understand that every family and every home is unique, this is why we feel it is important to evaluate each situation individually and find the right combination of coverage tailored for you.