Auto Claim

  • Check to make sure everyone is ok and call an ambulance if there is any doubt
  • Turn your hazard lights on and determine if it is safe to exit the vehicle
  • Make sure to take pictures of the accident scene before moving the vehicles if possible. You may take pictures from inside your vehicle if you feel it is not safe to exit.
  • Move the vehicles to a safe location after documenting the original scene
  • Call the police to file an accident report
  • Do not volunteer information regarding liability at the scene to the other party
  • Call our office to discuss and obtain insurance information if necessary

Home Claim

  • Secure the property to prevent further damage. This may require contacting an emergency restoration company to tarp your roof, install fans or any other measures needed to stabilize the situation.
  • If there is significant damage, call the fire department to make sure your home is safe to enter.
  • If it is a water loss, turn off your main valve or the specific valves in the affected areas.
  • Take pictures of the damage immediately after the loss.
  • Call our office to report the claim or you may call the insurance company directly after hours and we will follow up the next business day.